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I led the rebranding of iScholar, previously known as i30 Learning Centre. iScholar is an educational platform that fosters a vibrant community where learners connect, collaborate, and share knowledge joyfully. My aim was to create a lively visual identity that appeals to students with fun and creativity, while also building trust and credibility with parents. I created detailed brand guidelines spanning 80 pages to ensure consistency and brightness in the brand's visual identity. These guidelines included strict rules for key brand elements and a flexible approach for secondary identity elements such as social media and brochures, allowing the brand to stay relevant with current trends. The web app design was crafted to reflect the brand's values of providing easy and attentive learning, showcasing a seamless blend of creativity and professionalism.

Requirements: Logo design, brand guidelines, website & app design, social media guidlines, print design and digital content design.

Ideas to brand through design!

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